March 19, 2023

The beginning

Yep, first entry, after 29 years of life, and more than half of it online on the internet, under different alias and with different hobbies and time fillers.

Today is the day I start blogging and journaling.


These lasts years I tried very hard to journal, manually, with paper and pencil, and as expected I have failed spectacularly, so, if something is not working, try a different approach, and this is what I plan to do with this blog/journal.


Ordered by how important are to me (DESC):

  • Have fun.
  • Save my brain state for any given day. As some sort of save file.
  • Share and receive knowledge.
  • Improve my writing skills in english.


Really, this is all, I don't want to procrastinate trying to be smart on my first ever post. So I will keep it simple for now.